About Particle Workshops

Particle workshops are half- and full-day hands on explorations of the Particle ecosystem, including hardware, firmware and software. Each workshop is led by Particle employees or community advocates, and are designed to give developers new to IoT development the hands-on training they need to confidently build their own IoT solutions, at home, work, and beyond!

The workshops are broken into presentations intermixed with hands-on labs that reinforce presentation content.


Do I have to attend a workshop to complete the labs?

This site contains in-depth lab documents that complement in-person presentations delivered by Particle staff. Attendence of a workshop isn't strictly required to follow along with these labs, but they are written under the assumption that you're attending a workshop and using workshop-provided hardware (a Xenon-powered badge PCB) to complete the exercises.

What's this badge then?

For our workshops, we wanted to provide attendees with a set of hardware that allows them to interact with real sensors in a self-contained project, while being fun to work and play with. Our #PartiBadge contains a number of onboard sensors and actuators that students interact with while learning Particle hardware, and IoT in general, and they leave the workshop with something they'll want to continue hacking in the future.

Before you start

  1. Create a new Particle account
  2. Install the Particle iOS or Android App
  3. Install the Particle CLI

Workshop Content

  • Chapter 1: Claiming your first Mesh Device
    • Unbox a brand new Xenon, claim it to your Particle account, and make it light up with Tinker
  • Chapter 2: Setting up your first Mesh network
    • Create a Mesh network with your first device and add your PartiBadge Xenon to it. Explore interaction between devices on a Mesh network.
  • Chapter 3: Mesh messaging and the Particle Device Cloud
    • Control your badge from the Mesh Gateway device, read from badge sensors, and talk to the Particle Device Cloud through the gateway.
  • Extras: Taking your exploration further
    • Resources for taking your exploration of Mesh and the Particle Ecosystem further.